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Copious Free Time
and a million dollars
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24th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
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23rd-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
22nd-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
21st-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
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20th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
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19th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Wed, 14:01: RT @Dixiesquare: @Amy_Siskind Someone should have told Donny to be sure that the screwing that he was going to get would be worth the screw…
  • Wed, 14:05: RT @sirDukeDevin: RT if you think the parents of the Sandy Hook victims suing Alex Jones for defamation should get every penny of his worth.
  • Wed, 15:41: RT @jillybobww: I know the news is a neverending deluge of insanity and horror right now, but this is INSANE and HORRIFYING. https://t.co/g
  • Wed, 15:56: RT @davidminpdx: Barstow, California police fire a barrage of bullets into a packed car, kill unarmed black father in Walmart parking lot.…
  • Wed, 18:03: RT @eugenegu: This is heartbreaking. 4 baboons worked together to roll a 55 gallon barrel and escape the research facility where they were…
  • Wed, 18:04: RT @ahumorlessfem: Maybe if conservatives were as useful as undocumented immigrants are... https://t.co/zK2FHtH3al
  • Wed, 18:19: RT @TheSoundDefense: Anyone who claims that they operate on "logic and facts" instead of "emotions and feelings" does not. They have simply…
  • Wed, 18:20: RT @TheSoundDefense: Everyone please mentally add the word "solely" after the word "operate", thank you
  • Wed, 22:47: RT @Otpor17: @docrocktex26 Tennessee House strips $250,000 dedicated to Memphis (a city that is 63% black) from budget in retaliation for r…
18th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Tue, 12:01: Saw a snowflake. "Nah," I said. "There's no such thing as ONE snowflake." Then the rest came, and I realized th… https://t.co/wkSuc7AC7A
  • Tue, 12:04: AdBlocker is very useful. When I have it installed, ever single link I click gets me a popup urging, begging, or th… https://t.co/P1nmhRbJAJ
  • Tue, 18:27: RT @pzmyers: How many times do you have to tell a rapist to stop before a jury will believe you didn't consent? I guess 90 is not enough.…
  • Tue, 18:30: RT @bajakeweenaw: @EricBoehlert Isn’t the deep state just spin name for the rule of law?
  • Tue, 23:42: Every now and then, some image in a comic book just bowls me over. Jack Cole, 1947 ("Midnight," from SMASH Comics… https://t.co/M08kpuCx8b
  • Tue, 23:51: New at New Pals: A CHILD'S GARDEN OF ROBOTS [pt 1] "I have a metal playmate Papa made when I took ill He fetches t… https://t.co/TjdPDegBDM
  • Wed, 08:26: RT @EdKrassen: Find this man, and Trump will be screwed. Spread the word! This is the man who threatened Stormy Daniels on behalf of Micha…
  • Wed, 08:31: RT @JohnFugelsang: Sean Hannity reminds you: Michael Cohen wasn't his lawyer But he still expects attorney-client privilege. And he has not…
  • Wed, 08:32: RT @Unpersuaded112: the @GOP NEVER has a response when I remind they added nearly $2 trillion to the budget deficit for SMALL, EXPIRING mid…
  • Wed, 08:33: RT @Hesiod2k11: This story is amazing. And it's emblamatic of one of the big things that's wrong with the current state of American policin…
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17th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
16th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
15th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - My tweets
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