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Kip Asks for Help, part XVIII:

iTunes wanted to update itself, for the benefit of iOS users. Whatever. I let it do so.

Next time I synced my iPod, it only synced photos. Turns out the "synchronize music and movies manually" is now checked somehow. If I uncheck it, it wants to rebuild my iPod from scratch, which takes all day or more (120GB).

It also claims that the iTunes library on my computer isn't the one that the iPod is synced with. This is an outright lie.

I don't want to go looking for everything I've added to my iTunes library and put it in place by hand (again) every time I add something.

I called Apple, which offers to sell me a $19 service plan for one month, during which time they'll presumably tell me something that isn't "You just wasted $19. Now rebuild your iTunes library, just like you were going to have to anyway." The tech did send me a couple of links to helpful articles in the database, one of which told me how to make sure I hadn't forgotten to turn the unit on, and the other of which told me how to make sure I wasn't mistakenly trying to use a box of gum instead of an iPod.

So does anybody know what's going on here? Seems to me the problem isn't my (out of warranty) iPod, but the brand-new software they just made me install.
Tags: tech help

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