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  • Fri, 23:52: RT @BruceBartlett: Strange how the media never tired of repeating Trump's baseless charges against Hillary, but seldom ever reports about t…
Tags: #alabama, #f, #flynn, #jeffsessions, #maga, twitter

  • it's the same old song

    . Kip Asks for Help, part XVIII: iTunes wanted to update itself, for the benefit of iOS users. Whatever. I let it do so. Next time I synced my…

  • still needing help

    . Today, SeaMonkey let me send the three Usenet messages that have been hanging since yesterday, but when I wrote a fourth message, I was back to the…

  • save me, smart people!

    . Send Message Error. Sending of message failed. The message could not be posted because connecting to the news server failed. The server may be…

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