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  • Mon, 11:39: RT @DingusJMcGee: This serves NO legitimate purpose to the agency other than to destroy customer confidence and make it easier to sell off…
  • Mon, 11:40: RT @DingusJMcGee: So if that route is now going to take me 9.5 hours for the day, the directive is stating that every house after the 8 hou…
  • Mon, 11:41: RT @DingusJMcGee: This is deliberate. This is sabotage. This will DESTROY the Postal Service as generations of Americans have known it. If…
  • Mon, 11:41: RT @DingusJMcGee: If you're asking how to help, contact your congresspeople and tell them to pressure our OIG to investigate curtailment of…
Tags: #breonnataylor, #donaldtrumpjr, #escher, #mcescher, #surrealism, #voterfraud, twitter

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    Thu, 12:03: RT @ LouGarza86: "Coronavirus data has disappeared after Trump administration shifted control from CDC" Let the cover-up and…

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    Wed, 12:26: RT @ ChristiAnne67: New Jersey becomes 1st state to make climate change mandatory in school Climate change…

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    Tue, 21:13: RT @ Leahgreenb: An appropriately embarrassing end to the political career of a profoundly odious man.…

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