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  • Wed, 08:21: RT @aaronsojourner: Great use of CPS's panel. Terrible picture emerges. "The share of White children whose households lost all adult earne…
  • Wed, 08:24: RT @GlobalEcoGuy: BTW: It's *always* better to reduce emissions in the first place, rather than try to find ways to absorb them later -- wh…
  • Wed, 08:26: RT @LegoLostAtSea: A beautiful by-the-wind sailor or velella velella blown ashore this morning. Not a single creature but a colony of tiny…
  • Wed, 08:28: RT @jbouie: weird how republican politicians appear to be the only ones actually committing voter fraud
  • Wed, 11:50: New at the New Pals Club Web-Log: I share the excitement of wandering semi-aimlessly whilst clutching a camera. Fun…
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    Thu, 12:03: RT @ LouGarza86: "Coronavirus data has disappeared after Trump administration shifted control from CDC" Let the cover-up and…

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    Wed, 12:26: RT @ ChristiAnne67: New Jersey becomes 1st state to make climate change mandatory in school Climate change…

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    Mon, 13:02: RT @ AdamRutherford: This is exhausting because of @ Painpoint‘a 4th Law of Thermodynamics: ‘The amount of energy required to…

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